Reporting a Concern

We all have a duty of care to safeguard others in our game, whether that is children or vulnerable adults.

If you (or anyone else) have a concern, you should share it and get advice – doing nothing is never an option.

Woolpit CC Safeguarding Officers are

Graham Moss and Andy Northcote

These individuals are trained to receive concerns and will know how to help you.

If that individual is not available or you are uncomfortable in any way with involving them, then you can speak with the Club Chair Paul Loft or get help via the local SCB Safeguarding Team.

The ECB Safeguarding Team are available on 0207 432 1200 or

If someone is at imminent or immediate risk, you must phone Police or Local Services immediately.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. If you are worried or have a concern, please ask for help.